Saturday, January 23, 2016

I have not written about Donald Trump's Hair yet!

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Of course this is supposed to be a continuing series of commentaries about the NRA as the presidential campaign continues, and "Don't Shoot My Kids" is a damn good title, but politics has settled on me the way pigeon poo sits bold and white on the statues down in Grant Park. I am expanding my theme. I will have lots to say about the NRA as time passes (they remain aggressive and outrageous) but I need to opine on politics, too.

This can be the place.

So, we have now had what seems to be about 14 years of presidential political campaigning and I haven't had much to say about anything because the whole damn thing is just toooo noisy already. But with the Iowa Caucus slipping toward us, I thought I would break my silence to present an assessment of the campaign as I see it.

I could go diving into records and reports and come up with lots of numbers about the people who are paying for this political show, but I'm not going to do that because reporters still connected to media outlets do that all the time and look at all the good that has done. We're still buying politicians left and right in a system that somehow talked about reform for decades then just decided it would be much easier to bend way over to pick up the soap, as the prison crowd says.

It's all wrong anyhow, this focus on money.

Jeb Bush had plenty of money and he has been so poorly received that bankrolling has clearly lost its shimmer. Instead, we have Donald Trump as the Republican front-runner, a man who has essentially financed much of his own campaign. What a lesson we are learning from this Republican contest! What is most important, it is clear, is the ability to look right at an audience and lie lie lie like a devil lover luring sweet young things to doom in the depths. (Pardon my reference to obscure folk music.)

It has so unhinged the Republican establishment that they have taken to the pages of respected right wing rags, lining up for the chance to say Donald is NOT what they want. Tough kittens, tools and cranks of the right. Donald Trump is what you are going to get. You are the ones who thought bundles of money could solve all problems.

Donald has concocted a powerful message aimed at empty-headed people who are thoughtless about almost anything of any importance. Build a wall down on the Mexico border. Sure, that's going to happen. Collect up all the illegals and ship them home. Sure, that's going to work. As for real threats like ISIS and more generic terrorism, well, you just wait and see how Donald is going to take care of them. He doesn't have to convince the rest of us. He has convinced Sarah Palin!

Imagine that. Sarah Palin?

I thought this guy said he hated losers. He dissed John McCain, who you might not agree with politically but who, during the Vietnam War, displayed an immense set of prison balls.
Sarah Palin? She's a freaking quitter who wrecked any semblance of sensible politics as Sen. McCain's veep candidate. She traded her status for a Fox news paycheck, for crissakes. And there was Donald standing right beside her while she ranted on and on in an endorsement that, as in most things she says, came with parody built in.

This whole show is an abomination. Trump glides to success on his dad's money and some timely  bankruptcy filings and an ability to cut deals that are good until just after the ink dries. He is unspeakably cruel to a vast swath of people who just came here to work. He's a fraud. His campaign is a fraud, and furthermore, his ties are waaaaay tooo long.

What about the rest of the Republican primary candidates?


On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton, once again, it not going to be anointed and now has to cope with that damn Bill and his old shenanigans again. The whole blow job thing is going to be on the table in great detail, I am sure. (I did that on purpose.) The women are going to be torn between their longing to finally send one of theirs to the White House, and their anger at Hillary for letting Bill go wild at just the wrong times. Lets not even go into the Wall Street connections and the fact that she is sitting on a fortune from her books and speaking fees. Lets not talk about the attempt to construct a dynasty, either. The Bush family is not alone in that old aristocratic longing.

What's left.

Bernie Sanders, that's what.

You do the math. The Republicans, now driven by the bottom feeders among their ranks who are still pissed off that a Kenyan terrorist got elected president last two times around and who also feel their time has come, may well put Trump on the ticket. Maybe he will be stupid enough to ask Sarah to be his veep. She has already proved herself a total loser, so where's the risk in that? What a jolly media time that will create.

Hillary may well stumble, weakened by the thousand cuts she has suffered during her long career, which is too bad because it's not like she created Ramblin' Bill. He did that himself. That's a pity because she is a very smart woman, tireless worker, and a lot of other good things, too. But I think the whole gig looks too much like something the Republicans would present, a next in line kind of thing.

Here's what could happen. Sanders takes Iowa and New Hampshire and starts picking up lots of numbers in other states. He announces he kind of likes Elizabeth Warren as his veep (more opinion on this later). This makes former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who has billions upon billions upon billions...and so on) crazy as a Wall Street rat.

He jumps in as an independent.

He draws the normal Republicans (Yes, I am conceding there are many normal Republicans) away from the looniness of the Trump ticket. In a modern variant on one of those old time things, a Teddy Roosevelt situation ensues.

President Sanders!

While we're at it, what the hell is a Democratic Socialist anyhow?